Lina Morgana In Cyber Wunderland

April 22, 2001
•Lady Gaga appears in The Sopranos:

•Lina Morgana is working on securing a record deal, under the sonic tutelage of renowned producer Rob Fusari. She is a mere sixteen years old:

•Lina Morgana (Elina Koroglueva) attends Tottenville highschool:

•Stefani Germanotta appears in MTVs Boiling Point:

• Apparently the song Spin U Around was written in 2006 by Stefani Germanotta and Rob Fusari to be recorded by the singer Lina Morgana:

•A producer reel is released feauturing Lina Morgana:

March 2006
•Stefani Germanotta and Rob Fusari cross paths by way of a friend: According to the lawsuit of Mr. Fusari against lady Gaga:

May 2006
•According to the lawsuit of Mr. Fusari, their relationship turned romantic and became a business. Team Love Child LLC was formed to promote Stefani Germanotta’s (Lady Gaga’s)

•Mr. Fusari had a 20% share.

July 2006
Rob Fusari and Lady Gaga have a meeting at Sony.

•Sometime in 2007 Rob Fusari introduces his younger protege Lina Morgana to Stefani Germanotta.

August 2007
• Stefani Germanotta (Lady Gaga) performs at Lollapalooza alongside Lady Starlight.

• Gaga later describes in her 2010 Lollapalooza performance, that critics had said her 2007 show was a “a train wreck.”

November 14, 2007
•JarrettCreative release Far Away by Lina Morgana on youtube

•Lina Morgana receives her first IMDb movie credit, appearing in Celebrity Ghost Stories

•Lina Morgana appears on the new Fuse show You Rock Let’s Roll

August 19th 2008
• Lady Gaga releases her debut album The Fame

October 04, 2008
• Doug Auer contributes an article to The Staten Island Advance regarding the alleged suicide of a young woman believed to be in her 20s or 30s.

• The article is entitled Jumper at Staten Island Hotel dies.

• The woman was pronounced dead at Richmond University Medical Center in West Brighton

• The hotel is said to have been hosting a coin show when the tragedy took place.

• Renowned coin dealer Edward Lee was likely in attendance.

• The hotel was sold in June of that year to a national franchise brand and would be renamed Crowne Plaza hotel.

• The access doors to the roof are said not to have been locked, however apparently an interior alarm does sound when they are opened.

• The woman is said to have had keys to a Ford vehicle in her pocket.

• The woman appeared to be emotionally disturbed and was seen by witnesses to be frantically dancing or exercising upon the roof prior to jumping.

Jan 17, 2009
• Lady gaga achieves her first number 1 hit. Just Dance.

March 2009
• Lady Gaga kicks off her FAME tour.

May 28, 2009
• A woman appearing under the name AMYSCHELL begins a thread on the Lady Gaga forum entitled R.I.P. LINA MORGANA.

• The post contains a sentiment of ill-ease and well placed curiosity as to just what happened to the former Gaga collaborator: Lina Morgana.

September 11, 2009
• The first reply appears in response to AMYSCHELL. Posted by somewhat of a newbie to the forum, considering the lack of posts displayed under their name (around 10.)

•Despite being a ”newbie” the post vehemently denies, without ever being asked, any involvement of Lady Gaga into the death of Lina Morgana.

November 18th, 2009
•Lady Gaga releases her second album The Fame Monster

•The album artwork features Lady Gaga with long brown hair, mascara tears and a crow atop her head.

September 9, 2010
• The New York Post releases an article which is to disappear from their website sometime in 2012/2013.

•The article is about Lina Morgana.

•Yana Morgana says she wants Lady Gaga to release the soul of her daughter.

•12 or so tracks by the late Lina Morgana remain unreleased

•The original NY Post article can be viewed here:

• Upon the articles release, the official Gaga forum goes into lockdown and the words there whispering conspiracy are soon to vanish.

• Fortunately by way of something of an internet time machine, we may reclaim lost words from the internets oblivion:

• Words and actions begin to paint a rather peculiar picture, surrounding the life and death of the artist Lina Morgana.

Sep 11, 2010
• A video appears on youtube: LINA MORGANA REAL STAR OF ”COPY CAT LADY GAGA”

May 23, 2011
Lady Gaga releases Born This Way.

August 9, 2011
• A legal document mentions Lina and Yana Morgana as well as the Staten Island Hotel:

July 27, 2012
•A post appears on a fans tumblr which says: Gaga - Morgana Devacelli - Alter-Ego:

•The image is artwork from The Fame Monster.

Aug 21, 2013
•A youtube channel dedicated to Lina Morgana appears:

•A second youtube channel dedicated to Lina Morgana appears:

Sept, 30 2013
Footage of Rob Fusari discussing his final time with Lina Morgana surfaces

November 2013
•Lady Gaga splits from long time manager Troy Carter

Nov 11, 2013
• 11:11:13 Lady Gaga releases Artpop. Dresses as a clown.

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